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Director: Dennis Bots

Producer: Phanta Vision
Co-producer(s): Bulletproof Cupid (Katleen Goossens) / Iris Productions

Genre: Family

Country: The Netherlands / Luxembourg / Belgium

Year: 2017

Cast: Yorick van Wageningen, Laura Verlinden, Egbert Jan Weeber, Peter Van den Begin, Angela Schijf, Juna de Leeuw, Davy Gomez


Storm (12), a printer’s son, unwillingly becomes the object of a hunt for an important letter by Marten Luther, during which his father was arrested. Threatened by the Inquisition and aided by Marieke (12), a catholic orphan girl who lives in the underground sewers of Antwerp, Storm is caught in a race against time to save his father from a death as a heretic.